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Sam T. Logan was raised in western Nebraska farm country. He is a Father of 4, grandfather of 10 and has 11 great-grandchildren. He has resided in Tucson, Arizona since 1969. “We have a little stuffed toy moose that gets set out every year as part of our Christmas decorations. Two years ago, I named him “Chris Moose” with an address label. I then commented that there was a story in that little guy with no intention of writing anything myself. I had never written a story. Where do you start anyway? Christmas of 2021, The more I looked at Chris, the more my imagination kicked in. By the end of March, 2022 I decided to make some notes of my ideas. Once I started, the story took on a life of its own. A few weeks later I had this book and four others for a five-book series and working on more. I am 82 years young and having fun trying to think like a pre-teen to come up with humorous ideas for Chris and his friends. I was told in my teen years that I had a very vivid imagination. So now I’m trying it out.” “My mother had a great sense of humor. I once received a birthday card from her that read, “All things cometh to ye who waiteth, if ye work like heck while ye waiteth.” (Heck was spelled a little stronger) That phrase became the motto I lived by.” “It is my intention that young readers will relate to Christopher Moose, who has a dream and the determination to follow that dream. He does not let the reindeer teasing bother him. He knows they are just looking for a laugh.” Enjoy my book. Thank you, Sam T. Logan


About Christopher Moose

Christopher is a very young, curious, always smiling, happy-go-lucky Moose who is at a very clumsy age. He gets separated from his mama and meets Santa’s reindeer who are a bunch of adolescent jokesters. He is not bothered by their teasing. He knows they are just looking for a laugh. He is very impressionable and in awe when he sees them fly. He becomes obsessed with wanting to learn how to fly. This is the first book of a long series that take Chris Moose and his new friends on a daring and sometimes dangerous, but fun-filled adventure.   




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Chris Moose Adventures

Christopher Moose: "Hello, Reindeer"

Christopher is a very young curious happy-go-lucky moose who is always smiling. He gets separated from his mother and meets Santa’s reindeer, who are a bunch of jokesters. He is very impressed that they can fly and becomes obsessed with wanting to learn how to fly.

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